Body Piercing in Pittsburgh

body piercing in Pittsburgh

​​ Please check our FAQ for ID requirements before booking.

To Book an appointment, click the desired service below. If you are booking for a group or have any questions, please call or email us so we can set up the appropriate appointments.

A general pricing guide is available in our Rates section above.


Before a piercing we suggest getting a good night's sleep, a good meal, and coming in as calm / relaxed as possible. Keep your friends & family limited as this can add to your pre-piercing anxiety. Although we are a kid friendly environment we suggest bringing a friend or family member to watch your youngster while we perform your service. If something comes up and you cannot make your scheduled appointment, be considerate and let us know immediately so we can free that time for another client. 

​If you are booking an appointment for a minor, please make sure you have read our policy in the FAQ section, and bring in the appropriate paperwork. 

Once your appointment is booked, click the link to fill out your Release Form! 

We look forward to working with you!